Best Dog Breeds for Your Kids

Dogs have been attached to the modern family and bring joy, companionship, and loyalty to the whole member. Do you know what breed best suits your family? There are factors that must be considered when selecting a perfect pup for your family:

Size – The size of the dog is important in considering what is best for your family. Smaller dogs are perfect for cuddles and can be fitted in small houses. If you have a big backyard and your kids are roughhouses, a large sized dog is the best fit.

Energy – Dog breeds differ in their characteristics. Some dogs are known to run and sniff around for an hour while others are happy snoozing on the couch. Ensure that it will be fitted on your lifestyle and can provide the needs of your pet.

Personality – As I mentioned, dogs differ in their characteristics. If you’re looking for a dog that will behave in the public or will be silly around the house, this blog will help you find the best dog breeds for your kids and family.

Here are the different breeds of Dogs to become part of your family:

Labrador Retriever

Everyone knows this breed is full of gentleness despite its size. Though not that big, these guys can grow up to 80 pounds. Labs are known for their loyalty and form a special bond with every member of the family. They are also easy going and gentile around your kids, making them an all-star family dog.

Golden Retriever

This breed is much like the lab. They are stapled in the USA as one of the popular breeds. They are fun, loving and energetic pals that always bring a good time to the owners. These dogs grow bigger in size but not quite the same as the Labradors. Golden retrievers are amazing at comforting and helping which makes them as great service and support dogs. These dogs are best for kids as their pals.


Opposite to the first two breeds, this dog is a “napper”. Bulldog is both gentle and playful that wants to stay on the couch. They are smaller in size and can overheat easily due to their short snout during hot weather. Bulldog needs to have a healthy diet due to their nature to become overweight.

French Bulldog

This is the cousin of a bulldog. The French bulldog is a small type of dog, low maintenance and easy going. This dog is playful, good on walks and known to be quiet. The French bulldog is the best dog breed for kids. 


Another popular dog breeds in the USA that is known for their energetic bouncy personality. These pups are slightly bigger and muscular that needs many walks to keep them happy. If you’re family indulge in fitness, you can’t get wrong with a Boxer.

The Bichon

This breed is a little fluff of joy. The Bichon is smaller in size, friendly and love people no matter what. They are easy going and playful. The Bichon is also a hypoallergenic and low shedding breed which is a good fit for any household.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The smaller breed in the list with a softer ear and loves to please. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel doesn’t need much exercise but they love to sniff from time to time. This breed is another best dog breeds for kids that usually get along with other pets.

No matter what kind of breed the dogs have; they all have the right to be part of a loving family. But of course, you need to consider their characteristics and traits that will be the best fit for your kids.

Choosing a dog based on your location

The location you live in may be a factor worth considering when it comes to choosing a breed of dog.  The weather in a place like Virginia is vastly different than Wisconsin.  The type of dog you might choose in each of these states is different and something to think about.  Dogs with thick fur meant for colder climates like huskies should not be brought to warmer climates where they will have a tougher time keeping cool.